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Liquid Chlorine

SPECIFICATION Product: Liquid Chlorine State: Liquid Commercial Name: Liquid Chlorine Chemical Formula: Cl2 Molecular Weight: 35.453 Specification: As abovbe Delivery: In Tonner (Cylinders) HANDLING OF SAFETY, HEALTH & ENVIRONMENT Use side covers Safety goggles, gas mask, PVC gloves, Apron, Safety Shoes, etc. Use self-contained breathing apparatus. Keep container tightly closed. Stored in a cool, dry & well-ventilated area. If comes in contact with eyes or skin, wash with plenty of water and seek medical aid immediately. In case of leaks, knock down chlorine vapors with water spray. Refer MSDS of Chlorine for more details. CHARACTERISTICS PARAMETER STANDARD VALUE Description Clear Amber Liquid Odour Characteristics Suffocation Density 1.408 Gm/Cc Liquid At 0° C & 3.617 Atm. Solubility Slightly Soluble In Water Purity 99.5% Min. We are leading supplier of #Liquid-Chlorine in #Kenya, #Malaysia, #Canada, #USA, #Tanzania, #Qatar and #Ghana.



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